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Vacation/Investment Homes

Maximize Your Orlando Area Vacation Home Investment

Contact us and let us help you achieve the following 4 goals necessary to maximize the profit from your vacation home investment. Hover over each goal to learn more. 

Windsor Hills Vacation & Investment Short-Term Rental Home

Goal 1: The BEST Home

Important guidelines to follow as you search for the right vacation home investment for you -

  1. Purchase a home in a popular vacation home community. Many vacationers prefer guard-gated communities (for security) with a lot of fun amenities (i.e., clubhouse and water park) that are near Disney World and the other theme parks.

  2. Purchase a home with an adequate number of bedrooms to generate your rental income goal.

  3. Purchase a home that has a relatively new roof, HVAC equipment, and pool equipment.

  4. Purchase a home that is within your budget. Keep in mind your cash situation. You will need cash for the deposit on your loan (usually 20%), for closing costs, and for renovations/upgrades. The best tool to use to determine which vacation home will be the best investment home for     you is a pro forma statement. Pro forma statements include your total investment costs (including renovations), all rental income and expenses including mortgage payments, and a forecast of profit.

ChampionsGate Resort Vacation Rental Home

Goal 3: The BEST Property Manager

5 Star reviews by vacation home guests are critical for the success of your vacation home investment.  Vacationers’ decisions on which vacation home to rent are greatly influenced by reviews. 5 Star reviews boost rentals. One Star reviews hurt rentals. Two huge contributing factors to a review of a vacation home are:

  1. Upkeep- preventive maintenance and cleanliness; and

  2. Customer Service- handling vacationers unique needs and issues.

Both are the responsibility of your property manager. It’s imperative that you hire the best property manager who will generate 5 Star reviews by excelling in these two areas.

Avatar Movie Theater in Disney Area Vacation Home

Goal 2: The BEST Furnishings   & Amenities

To maximize rental income, your vacation home investment must stand out against all other vacation homes. It must be a memorable fusion of modern comfort and fun, and your home must cater to vacationers of all ages. Themed movie theaters and game rooms and themed bedrooms are examples of amenities that will make your vacation home investment stand out.

Maximizing Profit in Real Estate Investment

Goal 4: The BEST Marketing

Maximizing short-term rentals requires maximum exposure on the major vacation rental websites such as VRBO and Airbnb. Your investment home will also need its own website that is promoted on social media and other media and travel outlets. Investment homeowners have 3 options to choose from to implement the short-term rental marketing of their home: 

  1. Property Manager- normally charge 15-25% commission. 

  2. 3rd Party Marketing Firm- normally charge 10-15% commission. 

  3. Self-Market- Your costs will be the costs of your listings, website, and advertising on social media. If you have the time and can quickly respond to inquiries, you may want to handle your own rental marketing and save on your marketing costs. If not, choose a marketing company that will give your home the individual attention required to maximize its exposure and income with costs that work within your pro forma statement for your investment home.

We are experts with each of the above 4 steps and will guide you through each one. Take advantage of our knowledge and expertise of the short-term rental market in the Orlando area.  We will maximize your investment dollars.

Popular Orlando Area Vacation Home Communities

These communities are popular with vacationers due to their proximity to the area's major attractions, the amount of amenities they provide, and much more. Click to see details about the communities and to see homes for sale in each.

Pro Agent Group Orlando Area Map - Vacation and Investment Homes
to Orlando
(and SeaWorld, Universal, and more)
Disney World

Popular Vacation Home Communities

  1. Storey Lake Resort

  2. Sunset Lakes

  3. Acadia Estates

  4. Formosa Gardens Estates

  5. Emerald Island Resort

  6. Indian Creek

  7. Rolling Hills Estates

  8. Windsor Hills Resort

  9. Windsor Island Resort

10. Solara Resort

11. Windsor at Westside

12. Windsor Palms Resort

13. Encore Resort at Reunion

14. Reunion Resort

15. ChampionsGate Resort

16. Solterra Resort

17. Providence Resort

Click on map numbers to learn more

Maximize Your Rental Income...

We assisted the owners of these homes achieve the 4 goals described above.  Maximized income is being achieved.
See for yourself by looking at the below pictures and clicking here.

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