Maximizing Your Purchase

Follow these steps to ensure that the process you follow will maximize the purchase of your home.

  • Find The Best Home In The Best Location.  First, choose the area or community where you want your home to be located. Then, find the best home in that area or community that best matches your criteria.

  • Choose The Best Lender For You (if applicable).  You want to choose the best lender that best meets your needs.  Obviously, it must be one with a good reputation and that you can trust, but also one that offers the best deal on your loan. Lower closing costs and a lower loan interest rate can result in significant savings.

  • Make Your Best Deal.  When negotiating on your home, ask the seller to pay some or all of your closing costs and/or negotiate the lowest price possible. Be able to justify your offer with comparable sales. Your lender will have an appraisal done, and the appraisal will be based on comparable current sales. Don’t pay more than the current market.

  • Complete a Thorough Home Inspection.  It is imperative to do this. If there are any defects requiring repairs, they will be revealed, and, hopefully, the seller will agree to pay for the repairs.

  • Shop For Your Homeowner’s Insurance. You will be paying at least one year’s premium at your closing. Don’t just accept the insurance policy that your lender or the title company chooses. You may be able to find a better or comparable policy with a lower premium.

  • Prepare For The Closing.  Before closing day, you will have received a settlement statement. This statement lists all debits and credits with a bottom-line number that you need to “bring to the table” at the closing. Scrutinize all dollar amounts in the settlement statement before the closing, and, if you find errors, have them corrected before the close.

  • Do The Final Walk-Thru Of The Home.  Perform the final walk-thru as near to the closing date as possible if not on closing day. If the home is not in the expected condition with all things included as agreed upon in the contract, stop the closing until all are in order.

  • Enjoy Your Closing.  Whether you physically attend your closing or you close remotely, enjoy it! You have followed all of the steps above, are confident that you are buying the best home in the best location at the best price, and have maximized your dollars all along the way.

Loan Info

We have excellent lender contacts for residential home loans with the best rates.


  • Conventional, FHA, and VA loans are available. 

  • 5% down loans are available. The interest rates will be higher with PMI added. The best interest rates will be on 20% down loans with no PMI.

  • 2nd home loan rates will be comparable to primary resident loan rates for single family homes and townhouses. Condo loans usually require 25-30% down and have a higher interest rate.

Here are the two types of vacation home loans for single family homes, which have differing deposit requirements and interest rates:

Flexible Payment Planning

Deposit requirements and interest rates can vary substantially between lenders. Shop your loan to ensure you get the best interest rate and cost, since a lower interest rate can result in a significant savings.  See below for current mortgage rates and to calculate your potential mortgage.