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Residential - Resale Homes

Whether you are buying or selling, we have one goal in mind: Maximize your dollars. We will accomplish this goal by utilizing our thorough knowledge of the market and our well-honed negotiating skills. 

Looking to buy?

We will maximize your dollars buying your home.

Step 1 - Your Checkoff List

To ensure that the home you purchase best meets your needs and maximizes your dollars, ensure that you do the following:

  • Find the best home in the best location. 

  • Choose the best lender (if applicable).

  • Make your best deal.

  • Complete a thorough home inspection.

  • Shop for your homeowner's insurance. 

  • Prepare for the closing.

  • Do the final walk-thru of the home.

  • Enjoy your closing.

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Step 2 - Begin Your Home Search

We periodically highlight different areas of Greater Orlando.  Our current highlighted areas are the Windermere Winter Garden areas. Click on the areas in the map below to search for the homes for sale in the 2 areas

Click here to search anywhere in the Greater Orlando area. 

For a better search experience and to see these neighborhoods on a map, please visit this website on your desktop/laptop.

Residential Map.png


Winter Park






Altamonte Springs

Step 3 - Contact Us

We will assist you with your search and every step of the Checkoff List.

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