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Vacation/Investment Homes

Step 1 - Maximize Your Investment

Below are our featured top vacation home communities that are the most popular for vacationers due to their proximity to the area's major attractions, amount of amenities they provide, and much more. Click to see details of the communities, and when you do, you will be taken to pages that allow you to search for the homes for sale there.

PAG Orlando Area Map - Investment.png
to Orlando
(and SeaWorld, Universal, and more)
Disney World

Click on map numbers to learn more

Featured Communities

  1. Storey Lake Resort

  2. Sunset Lakes

  3. Acadia Estates

  4. Formosa Gardens Estates

  5. Emerald Island Resort

  6. Indian Creek

  7. Rolling Hills Estates

  8. Windsor Hills Resort

  9. Windsor Island Resort

10. Solara Resort

11. Windsor at Westside

12. Windsor Palms Resort

13. Encore Resort at Reunion

14. Reunion Resort

15. ChampionsGate Resort

16. Solterra Resort

17. Providence Resort


Why Choose the Orlando Area?

Being the "Themepark Capital of the World," it's no surprise that the Orlando area has become a top destination for vacation homes. With year-round opportunities for vacationers to enjoy being outdoors either at the parks or in the water, loads of other attractions, outstanding dining, and more all within our exceptional climate, the real question is why wouldn't you want to invest in Orlando?

Buying a House

Winning Formula for Success

To ensure that the home you purchase is a strong investment, it needs to have this winning formula: 

  1. Be the right home at the right price

  2. Have appealing and memorable décor and amenities

  3. Have a great property manager and receive good reviews

  4. Have outstanding marketing to maximize exposure and bookings


Maximize Your Investment

We have resources to assist you with capitalizing on your investment and ensuring that you get the highest return. 

  • Home Buying Checklist: track these steps while learning ways to cut costs

  • Key Money-Saving Tips: additional ideas and strategies for saving

  • Finding a Loan: help for getting the best loan and rate 

Not sure which area you're interested in?

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