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We will maximize your real estate dollars whether you are buying or selling a home.  We have one goal for each buyer: buy the home for the lowest price possible. And, one goal for each seller: sell the home for the highest price possible. We achieve these goals by arming ourselves with good “comps” to justify your price and then “selling” the other side on your price when negotiating the contract.

New Home Construction Real Estate in Greater Orlando Area

New Homes

When you purchase a new home, you deal with the builder’s salesperson whose main purpose is to maximize the dollars for the builder. What most buyers do not realize is you can negotiate with new home builders. Put our experience to work for you. We are excellent negotiators. We will maximize your dollars, not theirs. And, the irony is that they will pay our fee, not you, without affecting your purchase price.

Resale Homes in Greater Orlando Area

Resale Homes

The residential Greater Orlando resale market is huge and can be daunting. To maximize your dollars whether you are buying or selling a home, you need to be represented by a very competent and honest realtor. We pride ourselves on our strong work ethic and integrity. The advice we give you will always be based on a thorough and sound analysis and what is best for you.

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