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The impact of coronavirus has been negative on the travel industry, but things are now starting to look up. And now, not only can you get a great financing rate on buying a home, but vacationers are ready to travel and are now travelling differently. And differently means that they are seeking vacation options that are in safe, less-crowded, and clean environments that still give the opportunity for a lot of fun. Also, they are more price sensitive regarding how much they are willing to spend. What does that mean? Less hotel and resort-type vacations and more booking in vacation homes.

Vacation with Confidence & Ease

There are 34 resorts or hotels on Disney World property with approximately 40,000 rooms. And while most aren't booking at capacity for safety reasons, more and more rooms are becoming available as the coronavirus situation improves. With travelers having a heightened level of awareness and anxiety now, think about where they would prefer to stay – in a hotel or a vacation home? Where are they going to feel the safest? Being in hotel lobbies, restaurants, elevators, etc. in a hotel or in a vacation home? Obviously, the answer is in a vacation home.

Many people who stay at the hotels and resorts on the Disney World property do it for the easy and convenient access to the Disney World parks. It then follows that those same people, who decide to stay in a vacation rental instead of a hotel due to the coronavirus, will want to stay in a vacation rental that is close to the parks with easy access. These are the most profitable most vacation rentals homes. And the homes that we focus on for your investment are also either new or have been renovated with many great features and fun amenities, such as pool and spa, game room and/or movie theater, modern kitchens, themed bedrooms, and more.

Affordable Luxurious Rentals

As more and more people ponder choosing a vacation home over a hotel room due to the coronavirus, their decision becomes easier when they discover that vacation home rentals are a great deal compared to a room in a Disney World area hotel. During the summer, a very nice newly renovated 6-bedroom, 4-bath single family vacation home with luxurious and fun features and amenities including a full, modern kitchen, a private pool and spa and a game room or movie theater in a gated and amenity-packed vacation home community (guard gated, clubhouse, water park, etc.) can be rented for ~$375/night. A moderate priced Disney World hotel room with 2 queen beds is $350-$400/night plus the additional costs of having to eat all meals out, parking and other hotel related costs. Vacationers definitely get way more for their money when staying in a vacation rental.

Now IS a good time to buy! Bargains on these homes show up daily, and we have to act fast to purchase. If you can find a good vacation home that is a good deal and in a good location, buy it. Then, invest in some upgrades and improvements so that your bookings are peaked and the ROI will be high.

Note: The above photo is from Castle Getaways-Alnwick, investment vacation home in our managed portfolio that is available for rent in Windsor Hills Resort.

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ChampionsGate is a home and resort community that is a top tourist destination for families with over 1,500 acres just southwest of the Walt Disney World Resort. When vacationers rent the luxurious homes here, not only do they have close access to Orlando's top theme parks, but within the community they have a plethora of amenities that keep the entire family entertained. The Oasis Cloubhouse, which is pictured above, has an amazing water park that includes a large pool, water slides, lazy river, splash area, and more. Also, within the clubhouse, there is a restaurant, fitness center, family cinema, and kids play zone. The resort also has a 36 holes of championship golf designed by International golf champion Greg Norman. Sounds incredible, right? It is, and this is why many vacationers choose this community over other home rental options. ChampionsGate is the perfect place to buy a vacation home in Florida that will give a high ROI if the property becomes a vacation rental property too.

Homes in ChampionsGate range in size from 3 to 9-bedroom, and many of these beautiful properties have private pools too. The homes that are the most appealing to vacationers and get the most bookings are those that have the finest of finishes with themed bedrooms, custom movie theatres, and enticing game rooms. Click here to see one of the homes within our vacation home rental porfolio that shows these key features and amenities.

These homes' rental prices are most often way less expensive than many of the surrounding area hotels ranging between $245-$595/night, which results in a 10-20% ROI for the homeowner/investor with a home + renovations that costs between $400-700K. This is why ChampionsGate is the place to invest. And investing in real estate has many additional advantages beyond increased cash flow such as tax breaks and deductions, appreciation, and building equity and wealth.

We can help you pinpoint the perfect home within your budget and guide you on how to make the home a top rental. Click here to see our winning formula for investing and then email us to set up your next steps for setting a profitable investment.

Being the "Themepark Capital of the World," it's no surprise that the Orlando area has become a top destination for vacation homes. With year-round opportunities for vacationers to enjoy being outdoors either at the parks or in the water, loads of other attractions, outstanding dining, and more all within our exceptional climate, the real question is why wouldn't you want to invest in Orlando?

Below are some of the most compelling reasons, and click here to view this information on its own page.

Believe us, there are more reasons than this. Contact us to learn more to get our help with finding you the perfect vacation home that you can also use for rental income.

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